Advantage-L Oil-Flooded Medical/Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

Advantage-L models are compact central medical/industrial vacuum systems, able in most cases to fit through a 36” doorway.
Other features include:

  • Tank mounted or modular/expandable arrangements
  • Field expandable up to six pumps
  • Automatic alternating and cascading controls
  • 18 to over 2600 CFM capacities
    Advantage-L systems employ our U-series oil-flooded pumps for those applications that require operation at higher vacuum levels, up to 29.83 in. Hg. (2.0 torr). These applications include medical/surgical, laboratory, material handling, and other industrial processes.

    Our medical/industrial central vacuum systems are available NFPA 99 compliant for medical/surgical use.

    Contact the factory or your local Becker dealer now for help with selecting the best medical/industrial vacuum systems to fulfill your requirements.

    Advantage-L Oil-Flooded Medical/Industrial Central Vacuum Systems
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