Vacuum Pumps for Maple Syrup Extraction

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Becker Pumps offers a full range of equipment vacuum pumps for use in maple syrup extraction.

Benefits of using Becker vacuum pumps in the maple extraction process:

  • Becker pumps are perfectly suited for maple syrup extraction
  • Becker pumps exceed 29” mercury, greatly increasing sap yield
  • Becker pumps are rated for 100% use factor
  • Becker pumps can be operated outdoors
  • Becker pumps require minimal maintenance

About Becker:

  • World Headquarters: Wuppertal, Germany
  • Established in 1885
  • A family owned, 4th generation business
  • Development, design and production of vacuum pumps, compressors and systems
  • Manufactures over 120,000 pumps per year
  • Over 800 employees worldwide
  • US Headquarters: Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Contact the factory or your local Becker dealer now for help with selecting the best vacuum pumps to fulfill your requirements.

Maple Syrup Extraction Pump Specifications



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