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Becker Genuine Rotary Vane Pump Replacement Vanes

Increase the Longevity and Performance of your Rotary Vane Pumps with Becker Genuine Vanes

The most important wearing part of your Becker Pump is the vane. There are many other manufacturers and suppliers creating their own rotary vane pump replacement vanes. These counterfeit vanes are then marketed as direct replacements for Becker Genuine parts. Some even go as far as to pass their counterfeit vanes as Becker Genuine Parts.

These counterfeit vanes routinely seize and fail, causing damage to the pumps. After several occurrences of this issue, Becker decided to look into the issue further. After studies pitting Becker Genuine Parts vanes against the counterfeit vanes, Technical Service Coordinators found that after only a few months, the knock-off vanes were cupping and chipping resulting in a significant drop in vacuum and pump performance. Becker pumps, however, ran the same amount of time and longer, with no drop in operating pressure. Genuine vanes are designed to operate at full factory specification and they will show loss only when approaching the stated minimum vane width requirement. This loss in vacuum is the indication that it is time to replace the vane.

In response to problems customers faced with imposter vanes, Becker initiated a program where all of their vanes are affixed with a holographic emblem showing their authenticity. Becker Genuine vanes are available only through Becker Pumps Corporation.

Contact the factory or Customer Support now for help with selecting the best pump replacement vanes to fulfill your requirements.

Becker Genuine Vanes

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