Vacuum Pump Grease & Oil

Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Oil

Becker Vacuum Pump Oil is specifically formulated to withstand the harsh operating characteristics of oil-flooded rotary vane vacuum pumps. Becker Oil has low friction properties which minimizes viscosity fluctuation and increases the performance and longevity of your vacuum pumps.

Use What We Use & Extend Your Warranty

Purchase a 5 gallon pail of Becker Vacuum Pump Oil when you order a new Becker Oil-Flooded Pump, and we’ll extend your warranty from 1 year to 2 years.

Don’t settle for less! Order Becker Vacuum Pump Oil today!


Becker Synthetic Oil

Full Synthetic Vacuum Pump Oil
• Standard initial charge in all Becker oil-flooded pumps
• Non-Detergent to protect against varnishing
• Contains anti-foam additives reducing heat, oxidation and wear
• Separates from water for easy removal and disposal

3SVPO-100Q1 Quart Bottle$16.00$20.60

3SVPO-100G1 Gallon Bottle$49.00$60.77

3SVPO-100P5 Gallon Pail$144.00$179.22

3SVPO-100D55 Gallon Drum$1478.00$1833.40



Becker Premium Synthetic Oil

Premium Synthetic Vacuum Pump Oil
• Fully Synthetic PAO (Polyalphaolefin) oil
• For extreme temperature applications
• Higher viscosity index, Lower vapor pressure

3PSVPO-100G1 Gallon Bottle$79.00$97.85

3PSVPO-100P5 Gallon Pail$243.00$301.79

3PSVPO-100D55 Gallon Drum$2568.00$3182.70



Becker Vacuum Pump Flushing Oil

Flushing oil for cleaning sludged-up pumps.
• Used to flush old oil and sludge from the pump
• Helps prevent future varnish and sludge build-ups
• Extends the life of the pump and new oil

3BFO-100G1 Gallon Bottle$126.00$142.14

3BFO-100P5 Gallon Pail$478.00$520.15

3BFO-100D55 Gallon Drum$4466.00$5582.60



Becker Food Grade Vacuum Pump Oil

Ideally suited for food processing equipment. Meets USDA H1.
• NSF H1 rated and meets USDA H1 safety standards
• Formulated specifically for use in food processing
• Authorized for use in federally inspected meat, fish and poultry plants

3BFGO-100G1 Gallon Bottle$126.00$142.14

3BFGO-100P5 Gallon Pail$478.00$520.15

3BFGO-100D55 Gallon Drum$4466.00$5582.60


Suitable for use in pumps from these manufacturers: Busch, Rietschle, Gardner-Denver, Dekker, Gast, Quincy, Travaini. Not recommended for refrigeration or automotive applications.

Vacuum Pump Oil Specifications



Oil-Less Vacuum Pumps & Compressors Grease

Vacuum Pump Grease

Amblygon TA 15/2


Special Bearing Grease

• Maintain excellent performance and reliability.
• Becker grease is specifically engineered to reduce effects of high thermal stress encountered in oil-less vacuum pumps and compressors.
• Lubricate your oil-less vacuum pumps and compressors using Becker Factory recommended Amblygon Grease.
• Don’t settle for less!
• Order Becker Factory Grease today!
Vacuum Pump & Compressor Grease Specifications

Contact the factory or your local Becker dealer now for help with selecting the best Vacuum Pump Grease & Oil to fulfill your requirements.
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