Vacuum Pump Grease & Oil

Vacuum Pump Oil

Successful applications are often determined by the quality of the oil used in the pump. We are so confident in the quality of our oil, we proudly grant a 1 YEAR EXTENSION OF THE WARRANTY PERIOD on our pumps and central systems when Becker Vacuum Pump Oil, SS-100 or PS-100 is used throughout the full warranty period.

We offer two top quality vacuum pump oils:

SS-100 is our standard
• Hydrocracked semi-synthetic oil
• Higher viscosity index
• More heat tolerant
• Fewer additives for fewer residual deposits in your pump
PS-100 is our best
• Fully synthetic PAO (polyalphaolefin) oil
• For very high or low temperatures
• For applications where hydrocarbon oils react or break down quickly


We also offer a synthetic flushing oil:

F -100 is a pump life saver
Running a pump occasionally with F -100 oil is often all that is needed to prevent damaging build-ups that can send your pump to the service center.


Vacuum Pump Oil Specifications


Oil-Less Vacuum Pumps & Compressors Grease

Vacuum Pump Grease

Amblygon TA 15/2


Special Bearing Grease

• Maintain excellent performance and reliability.
• Becker grease is specifically engineered to reduce effects of high thermal stress encountered in oil-less vacuum pumps and compressors.
• Lubricate your oil-less vacuum pumps and compressors using Becker Factory recommended Amblygon Grease.
• Don’t settle for less!
• Order Becker Factory Grease today!

Vacuum Pump & Compressor Grease Specifications

Contact the factory or your local Becker dealer now for help with selecting the best Vacuum Pump Grease & Oil to fulfill your requirements.
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