Busch Vacuum Pumps

Purchasing A Busch Vacuum? Have You Considered Becker Pumps?


Faster Production • Quieter • Cooler Running • Efficient • Durable • Better Customer Support


135 Years of Manufacturing Quality Vacuum Pumps

If you’re purchasing a Busch vacuum and have not considered Becker pumps we would like to encourage you to talk to a Becker representative.  Let us show you how we can improve the performance and reliability of your equipment.

Becker is the most trusted name worldwide for its highest-quality and tailored made line of Rotary vane vacuum pumps, pressure pumps, compressors, regenerative blowers (aka regen blower) and central system technologies. Becker has been in the vacuum pump industry since 1885. Our engineers always meet the needs of the strictest standards of today’s vacuum pump industry.

Our pumps are manufactured in Germany and held to the highest standards in the industry. Each and every vacuum pump is quality tested to ensure maximum performance before being shipped. With an 80 year advantage on Busch vacuums, Becker vacuum pumps and systems outperform Busch vacuums in many ways.

The top eight reasons customers select a Becker vacuum over a Busch vacuum:

  1. Faster production. Becker Pumps have the fastest evacuation time in the industry. 7% Faster pump downtime than Busch vacuum pumps.
  2. Quieter. Becker Pumps are the quietest pumps in the industry.
  3. Cooler Running. Becker Pumps are the coolest running pumps, cooler than Busch vacuum pumps.
  4. Reliability. Becker pumps have proven reliability and require less maintenance than Busch vacuum pumps.
  5. Design. Smaller overall footprint than Busch vacuum pumps.
  6. Efficiency. More efficient CFM/Horsepower ratio than Busch vacuum pumps.
  7. Support. Responsive, knowledgeable customer service and technical support.
  8. Delivery. Becker has a complete inventory of all pump series and our routine replacement parts are available through our online store.  We offer same-day shipment to anywhere in North America. No other pump manufacturer including Busch can make that claim.


One on One Personal Attention with Our Experienced, Knowledgable Staff

Becker Pumps is a family-owned business. Since 1885, the Becker family has had a single focus, to design and manufacture the best vacuum pumps in the world.  This includes a focus on continuous innovation and development to remain the better choice for vacuum pumps when compared to Busch vacuum pumps.  

However, what really makes Becker Pumps Corp. stand out ahead of Busch and all other vacuum pump manufacturers is our Customer Service. Becker’s staff of inside sales and technical support is second to none. Each member of our Customer Service Team is factory trained and has an average of over 10 years’ experience working with Becker pumps. When you call, you will be connected in no time to a dedicated specialist who will help answer questions, solve problems, track shipments or input your orders.

Our staff of dedicated employees is continually striving to make Becker the most customer-friendly vacuum pump supplier in North America.  Available to better serve all of our North American customers including those in Canada includes:

  • On-line parts shop with overnight delivery of Becker Genuine replacement parts.  
  • Local, knowledgeable representatives.
  • Live chat on our website operated by a highly responsive customer service department.
  • Phone calls always answered by a “live” person.
  • Experienced technical support.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Factory-trained in-house repair service.
  • Large inventory of pumps and parts with same-day shipping available.
  • Mobile Service – on-site maintenance program.
  • Competitive pricing.


The Becker Line of Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Systems, Compressors and Blowers

Oil-Flooded Rotary Vane Vacuum PumpsOil-Free Rotary Vane Vacuum PumpsHook And Claw Vacuum PumpsMulti-Pump SystemsBoosterLow-Pressure Compressors and Blowers
Vacuum levels down to 29.9 inches hg.
0.5 to 25 HP
Faster, quieter and cooler
Cooler, quieter, more durable with lower maintenance
100% oil-free operation
Air-cooled (no oil or water)
Quiet 71-72dB(a)
Efficient CFM per HP
Efficient and quiet running
Vertical and horizontal
mounted models
Expandable up to six pumps
Direct replacement for current booster increasing production by 7%
Stainless steel frame available
100% oil-free
Regenerative blowers
Rotary vane compressors


  • Stand-alone pumps and complete vacuum systems available.
  • Available in both three-phase and single-phase electricity.
  • Maintenance Alert Systems available.


Becker is the #1 choice of OEMs for Vacuum Pumps

  • Optimized production. Becker delivers the fastest pump downtime in the industry.
  • Proven performance and reliability that doesn’t negatively impact an OEM’s brand or reputation.
  • The first vacuum pump manufacturer to offer IE3 compliance. All Becker pumps meet the new global premium efficiency motor compliance.
  • Lower heat emission creates cooler work areas.
  • The quietest operating pump.
  • The highest efficiency CFM per HP.
  • If you are considering a Busch vacuum pump for OEM equipment, talk to a Becker representative.  Let us show you how we can improve the performance and reliability of your equipment.

Becker is the #1 Choice for Direct Replacements for a Busch Vacuum

  • If your Busch pump needs replaced, then it failed before your Becker pump would have in the same application.  Rely on the durability and cool operation of a Becker pump for a longer-pump life.
  • If you are considering Busch vacuum pumps for OEM equipment, talk to a Becker representative.  Let us show you how we can improve the performance and reliability of your equipment. 

Outperforming Busch Vacuum Cycle After Cycle

Every business has competition and Becker Pumps is not exempt from this. Here at Becker Pumps, we didn’t want to mislead with any disrespect to competition, although we want our customers to be as informed as possible. We just simply want to inform consumers how our vacuum pumps outperform Busch vacuum pumps performance cycle after cycle. 

Becker has been in business since 1885, during this time we have developed the highest quality on the market pertaining to the Rotary vane vacuum pump, pressure pumps, compressor, regenerative blowers (aka regen blower) and central system technologies. Busch was established in 1963, which gives Becker a seventy-eight-year advantage of experience.

With determination, continued developing technologies, and dedicated employees  Becker has built a world-leading name for manufacturing superior performing vacuum pumps, compressors, and regenerative blowers.  The most common industries employing (and that we serve) some type of vacuum pumps are Aerospace, Aggregates, Automotive, and Tire, Food Processing, Electronics, Environmental, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Laboratories, Paper, Printing, Waste and Water Treatment, and Vacuum Forming.

As you can see, from pump performance through customer service Becker v. Busch / A step ahead.

There are some worthy competitors of Becker to choose from, but when it comes down to buying vacuum pumps, no company gives you the personal attention necessary to keep your loyalty like Becker Pumps Corp.

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