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Maintenance Guides

ProductMaintenance Guide
BCV 100View
BCV 150View
BCV 300View
DT 4.10View
DT 4.16View
DT 4.25 KView
DT 4.4View
DT 4.40 KView
DT 4.8View
DTLF 2.200View
DTLF 2.250View
DTLF 2.400View
DTLF 2.500View
DVT 3.100View
DVT 3.140View
DVT 3.60View
DVT 3.80View
DVX 3.100View
DVX 3.140View
DVX 3.60View
DVX 3.80View
KDT 3.100View
KDT 3.140View
KDT 3.60View
KDT 3.80View
KVT 3.100View
KVT 3.140View
KVT 3.60View
KVT 3.80View
KVX 3.100View
KVX 3.140View
KVX 3.60View
KVX 3.80View
O 5.4View
O 5.6View
O 5.8View
T 4.16 DVView
T 4.25 DSKView
T 4.40 DSKView
U 4.20View
U 4.40View
U 4.400 FView
U 4.400 SA/KView
U 4.630 FView
U 4.630 SA/KView
U 5.101View
U 5.166View
U 5.201View
U 5.301View
U 5.71View
VT 4.10View
VT 4.16View
VT 4.25View
VT 4.4View
VT 4.40View
VT 4.8View
VTLF 2.200View
VTLF 2.250View
VTLF 2.250 SKView
VTLF 2.400View
VTLF 2.500View
VX 4.10View
VX 4.16View
VX 4.25View
VX 4.40View
VXLF 2.200View
VXLF 2.250View
VXLF 2.400View
VXLF 2.500View

Information & Resources


The use of compact, powerful, and ever-more-efficient vacuum pumps for maple syrup production is changing the sugaring industry. Let’s look at whether the new generation of smaller, smarter vacuum pumps for sap production is worth paying a little more for up front. SMART SUCKERS: HOW NEW PUMPS CHANGE THE COST...

Meat Processor Saves Millions of Gallons of Water With Engineered Vacuum Solution

Becker Pumps Corp. USA and Solberg Manufacturing partnered to develop a vacuum solution that saved a meat processor millions of gallons of water, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. This meat processing plant uses large tumblers/meat massagers to add ingredients to specialty meats like turkey, chicken, and ham products. To...

5 Most Common Problems of Using a Vacuum Pump for Maple Sap Extraction

The use of vacuum pumps in maple syrup extraction has allowed even smaller producers to increase yields and expand operations but comes with its own unique set of challenges. We consider some of the problems typically associated with using a vacuum pump extraction and look at some promising solutions. SWEET...

The Best Small Vacuum Pump for Maple Syrup

Farms specializing in maple sugar extraction implement vacuum pumps into their operations to increase yields and improve overall efficiency.  Operations of all sizes, including small and developing farms, can enjoy the benefits of a small vacuum pump for maple sap extraction. Investing in the right vacuum pumps is particularly important...

How Much Does a Regenerative Blower Cost?

Whether you’re an OEM pricing a regenerative blower for your product or an operations manager in need of a quick replacement for a pump that has failed prematurely, one of the first questions you may ask is, “what’s it going to cost?” It isn’t easy to estimate the cost of...

8 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Regenerative Blower

Whether you are buying a regenerative blower for a manufacturing, environmental, or secondary packaging application, regen technology from Becker offers a moderately priced, reliable unit that can last a decade or more with minimal maintenance. Several different types of blowers could meet your application’s pressure and flow specifications. Regenerative blowers,...



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