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Maintenance Guides

ProductMaintenance Guide
BCV 100View
BCV 150View
BCV 300View
DT 4.10View
DT 4.16View
DT 4.25 KView
DT 4.4View
DT 4.40 KView
DT 4.8View
DTLF 2.200View
DTLF 2.250View
DTLF 2.400View
DTLF 2.500View
DVT 3.100View
DVT 3.140View
DVT 3.60View
DVT 3.80View
DVX 3.100View
DVX 3.140View
DVX 3.60View
DVX 3.80View
KDT 3.100View
KDT 3.140View
KDT 3.60View
KDT 3.80View
KVT 3.100View
KVT 3.140View
KVT 3.60View
KVT 3.80View
KVX 3.100View
KVX 3.140View
KVX 3.60View
KVX 3.80View
O 5.4View
O 5.6View
O 5.8View
T 4.16 DVView
T 4.25 DSKView
T 4.40 DSKView
U 4.20View
U 4.40View
U 4.400 FView
U 4.400 SA/KView
U 4.630 FView
U 4.630 SA/KView
U 5.101View
U 5.166View
U 5.201View
U 5.301View
U 5.71View
VT 4.10View
VT 4.16View
VT 4.25View
VT 4.4View
VT 4.40View
VT 4.8View
VTLF 2.200View
VTLF 2.250View
VTLF 2.250 SKView
VTLF 2.400View
VTLF 2.500View
VX 4.10View
VX 4.16View
VX 4.25View
VX 4.40View
VXLF 2.200View
VXLF 2.250View
VXLF 2.400View
VXLF 2.500View

Information & Resources

How Much Does a Regenerative Blower Cost?

Whether you’re an OEM pricing a regenerative blower for your product or an operations manager in need of a quick replacement for a pump that has failed prematurely, one of the first questions you may ask is, “what’s it going to cost?” It isn’t easy to estimate the cost of...

8 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Regenerative Blower

Whether you are buying a regenerative blower for a manufacturing, environmental, or secondary packaging application, regen technology from Becker offers a moderately priced, reliable unit that can last a decade or more with minimal maintenance. Several different types of blowers could meet your application’s pressure and flow specifications. Regenerative blowers,...

Regenerative vs. Centrifugal Blowers

Regenerative and centrifugal blowers may look similar on the shop floor but are designed for significantly different end uses. Let’s take a look at the merits of regenerative vs. centrifugal blowers and consider which one might be best for your application. DIFFERENT STROKES: REGENERATIVE VS. CENTRIFUGAL BLOWERS Regenerative and centrifugal...

Determining the Cost of a Vacuum Pump for a Hospital’s Medical Gas System

How much does new or replacement pump components for your hospital’s medical vacuum system cost? We take a look at what goes into determining your investment in this critical piece of healthcare infrastructure and how smart choices today can help save money in the long term. WHAT GOES INTO VACUUM...

Should You Repair or Replace Your Medical Vacuum System?

Making the right choice about repairing or replacing a pump ensures your medical vacuum system meets the NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities Code and safeguards your peace of mind. Good maintenance decisions can minimize the upfront and long-term costs of equipment. This is especially true for life-sustaining technology, like a...

Sizing Your Central Medical Vacuum System

When you know your medical vacuum system well, it’s obvious when the system is struggling. Maybe the pumps run constantly, or cycle on and off too frequently.  This blog will focus on central medical vacuum system size and design, and how it can affect your system’s performance. We’ll cover the...



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