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Only Becker Genuine Parts are specifically engineered, manufactured and tested to deliver the optimal performance of your Becker vacuum pumps, compressors and regenerative blowers. Becker Genuine Parts are not only guaranteed to fit but help maintain valuable warranty coverage and maximize the life of your pump..

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  • To identify the correct parts for your pump, locate the Pump Tag. You will need the Pump Type and the first letter in the Serial Number.
  • The letter indicates the pump generation.
  • No letter in the Serial Number indicates your pump is the original or only design iteration.*

* Becker Serial Numbers are shown as “No” on the Pump Tag and always originate with a 7 digit number for each Pump Type of a brand new Pump Series (Ex: 1234567). The next generation of that Pump Type begins with the Index Letter A followed by 7 numbers (Ex: A1234567). The next generation of that Pump Type starts with the Index Letter B followed by 7 numbers and continues in that manner for the duration of that Series of pump.

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