Vacuum Pumps for Maple Syrup Extraction

Single Phase Options Now Available!

Becker Pumps offers a full range of equipment vacuum pumps for use in maple syrup extraction.

Benefits of using a Becker extraction pump in the maple extraction process:

  • Becker pumps are perfectly suited for maple syrup extraction
  • Becker pumps exceed 29” mercury, greatly increasing sap yield
  • Becker pumps are rated for 100% use factor
  • Becker pumps can be operated outdoors
  • Becker pumps require minimal maintenance

Single Phase Options Available!
With our 230 Volt Single Phase Variable Frequency Drive:

  • Run our 3 phase vacuum pumps using only single phase power!
  • Greatly increase your sap yield production even in remote locations where 3 phase power is unavailable.
  • Reduce inrush current and motor strain in cold weather with slow ramp up starting (0-60 Hz).
  • Increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs by using one large pump to replace many small pumps.

Contact the factory or your local Becker dealer now for help with selecting the best vacuum pumps to fulfill your requirements.
Maple Syrup Extraction Pump Specifications



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