338065M0000 Maintenance Kit
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338065M0000 Maintenance Kit

(Stock Item)

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Maintenance Kit complete with:
(1) 90136701005 Vanes TLF 250/360
(1) 90953400000 Filter Cartridge-C22115 TLF 250/360
(2) 90951000000 Dust Separating Cartridge
(2) 91283200000 Plug for Filter VTLF/SK
(2) 74330500000 Grease Gun, Filled w/Amblygon
(1) 90954100000 Carbon Dust Separator C 2263/3

Use the Becker Genuine Maintenance Kit to maintain your warranty, increase the longevity and performance of your Becker Rotary Vane Pumps. Each of these components is engineered specifically for this pump.

The kit includes Becker Genuine replacement vanes, filter and grease gun.

Keep an extra kit on the shelf to ensure you have all the components on hand for regularly scheduled maintenance.

Weight (lbs) 11.7
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