33803400-D0 Complete Rebuild Kit
(Stock Item)

33803400-D0 Complete Rebuild Kit

(Stock Item)

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Complete Rebuild Kit complete with:

(1) 54900021300 Gasket Set DVT/KVT/KDT 3.100, 3.140

(2) 90654000000 Shaft Sealing Ring/35x25x7

(1) 90662000000 Bearing

(1) 90665700000 Bearing

(1) 90133300004 Vanes/Carbon KVT/DVT/KDT 3.100

(2) 90950700000 Filter Cartridge

(1) 90951400000 Filter Cartridge

(1) 90221000000 Coupling Disc Purple

(1) 51140010100 Set Distance Disk

(1) 74330500000 Grease Gun, Filled w/Amblygon

Consider a Complete Rebuild Kit, which includes all the parts in a standard maintenance kit, as well as the bearings, gasket kit, seals, and coupling disc. Use a Complete Rebuild Kit in place of a standard maintenance kit when your pump requires more attention than standard maintenance to make it run like new again. Becker also offers complete pump rebuilding at our repair facility with our factory trained technicians. Learn more.

Weight (lbs) 3.99
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