Look for the Becker Holograph.

Counterfeit vanes are often marketed as direct replacements for Becker Genuine parts. These counterfeit vanes can prematurely chip or shatter compromising the performance and causing significant damage to the pump. Only Becker Genuine Vanes are labeled with the Becker Genuine Parts holographic emblem:

Benefits of Using Becker Genuine Vanes:

  • Less vane replacements means lower maintenance costs
  • Keeps pump performance at maximum pressure levels and increases efficiency
  • Engineered for precise hardness to prevent premature chipping
  • Maintains warranty coverage and extends pump life
  • Withstands heat and friction and sized precisely for Becker pumps
  • Full inventory in stock and ready to ship

Vanes/Carbon (Set of 8) 90132900008
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90132900008 Vanes, Carbon (Set of 8)

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Vanes/Carbon (Set of 8) Becker Genuine vanes

Use only Becker Genuine Vanes to maintain your warranty, increase the longevity and performance of your Becker Rotary Vane Pumps. These vanes are engineered specifically for this pump.

These van

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