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Single-Stage Compressor

Becker VARIAIR SV Series single-stage regenerative blowers generate suction or pressure for a wide variety of industrial applications. These compact variable frequency compressors offer high performance in a quiet, contact-free environment. 100% free of oil and contact during operation, these pumps are low-maintenance and highly efficient.

The VARIAIR SV Series regenerative blowers come standard with:

  • Integrated Inlet & Discharge Silencers
  • Internal Inlet Filter (Some Models)
  • Internal Vacuum Relief Valve (Some Models)
  • VARIAIR speed controller


  • Non-contact compression
  • Compact design
  • Inlet & discharge silencers
  • Sealed bearings eliminate greasing
  • Rubber foot or pedestal mount for versatile installation
  • VARIAIR frequency inverter


  • Significantly longer maintenance intervals due to a double filter surface
  • Low operating and exhaust temperatures
  • Quiet Operation
  • Highly efficient IE3 motors in 11 different power ratings
  • Exclusive clear filter/valve cover allows for fast visual maintenance inspection
  • Exact volume flow due to variable speed operation

Product Information / Specifications

Model Open Flow SCFM Maximum Pressure Horsepower Data
Spare Parts
VARIAIR SV 130/1 168 5.9 PSIG 5.4 view view view
VARIAIR SV 201/1 206 4.9 PSIG 5.4 view view view
VARIAIR SV 300/1 376 5.1 PSIG 10.1 view view view
VARIAIR SV 400/1 470 5.5 PSIG 29.5 view view view
VARIAIR SV 500/1 588 7.7 PSIG 29.8 view view view
VARIAIR SV 700/1 694 5.9 PSIG 29.5 view view view


Regenerative blowers generate suction or pressure for a wide variety of industrial applications and markets. Becker’s VARIAIR SV Series pumps are a custom-designed solution that fits for your individual operating conditions and special applications.


  • Gas Recirculation
    Gas-tight blowers from Becker are the preferred solution for recirculation in 3-D printers, CO2 laser systems, and glove box applications.


  • Additive Manufacturing
    Gastight blowers and components from Becker for metal 3D printing in premium quality.

Information & Resources

Our Industrial Vacuum Pump Technical Guide

Becker has designed a comprehensive handbook for the use of our distributors and customers as an aid in the designing of applications involving vacuum and low pressure compressed air. Just some of what you’ll find in the complete handbook includes: Similarity of units CFM vs. SCFM vs. ACFM Motor cycling...

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