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Advantage P - Duplex Industrial Vacuum System

Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum System

The Becker Advantage P – Duplex Industrial System is a lubricated tank-mount auto-purge vacuum system designed for industrial use. It features two Becker brand oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps with integrated filtration and safety relief valves. Pumps and control panel are mounted to the air receiver for convenient installation. All pumps used on our systems are Becker manufactured and individually tested at factory before shipping.

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  • NEMA type 3R, 4 & 12 enclosure with UL/CSA listing; mounted and prewired for duplex controls.
  • Lead/lag sequencing to maintain the desired vacuum range, provide automatic alternation of vacuum pumps, and maintain equal run time between available pumps
  • Preinstalled vacuum transducer
  • 7” touchscreen LCD HMI unit
  • Auto-purge function


  • Convenient service points and low maintenance
  • Communicates with existing BMS systems
  • Live monitoring of each pump from mobile phone or pc
  • SMS and email notifications
  • System run & alarm lamps and sound horn for notification of system alarms

Product Information / Specifications

Model Open Flow SCFM Maximum Vacuum Horsepower Data
Spare Parts
DT20P - I 24.7 29.5 0.89 view view
DT40P - I 56.5 29.5 2.4 view view
DT71P - I 91.1 29.5 2.4 view view
DT101P - I 135.9 29.5 3.5 view view
DT166P - I 215.4 29.5 6 view view
DT201P - I 255.4 29.5 8.9 view view
DT301P - I 362.6 29.5 12 view view


Becker has been building industrial vacuum systems in the US for over 3 decades.  Click on your market or application below to learn how Becker’s vacuum systems can help your business or application.


  • Evacuation
    From food processing and packaging, to thermoforming and manufacturing, the removal of air or gas from a given space is one of the most wide ranging applications of vacuum pumps and systems.


  • General Mechanical Engineering
    Becker provides customized vacuum pump and compressor solutions for numerous mechanical engineering applications across the world, such as conveying, transporting, fixing, lifting, handling, drying, cooling and many more.

Information & Resources

Our Industrial Vacuum Pump Technical Guide

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