Vacuum Pumps for Plastic CNC Machines





There’s a strong demand for plastic parts in the aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industries. Plastic CNC machines can produce large volumes of these lightweight and versatile parts, keeping tight tolerances and accurate dimensions. Because plastic is quick and easy to machine, it’s also ideal for prototyping.

When manufacturers want a high-quality vacuum pump solution for their CNC machines, they contact Becker Pumps.

Whether it’s working with extruded (soft) or cast acrylic (hard) plastic, our vacuum pumps provide a superior hold down to maximize production and efficiency. We offer a range of low-maintenance pumps, including 100% oil-less, dry vacuum pumps, deep vacuum oil-flooded pumps, and our Advantage-W multi-vacuum pumps.

If you’re an OEM, Becker’s staff of experienced application engineers can add value to your project, working with you during the design stage. Our experts will ensure your equipment incorporates the vacuum pump solution that’s right for your specific application.

Custom Pump Solution Case Study

At Becker, we take pride in our ability to solve some of the CNC industry’s most challenging situations. When a major CNC Router Manufacturer approached our Custom Solutions team to design and deliver quieter vacuums with short lead times, we seized the opportunity, providing a personalized product that incorporated our VTLF line.

Our custom solution expertise is just one reason Becker is now the CNC Manufacturer’s supplier of choice.

Get the full story in the case study.

Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps

Reliable performance and ease of maintenance set Becker’s oil-free, dry vane, VTLF-series vacuum pumps apart. We designed the VTLF pumps with the user in mind. They feature a clear filter cover for effortless visual inspection and simple, easy-to-use thumbscrews for filter servicing. Routine maintenance typically requires only one hour of labor.

Available in a range of sizes, Becker’s router table pumps start at 1 horsepower and move up to 25 horsepower; for more demanding applications, our unique multi-pump systems can achieve an impressive 75 horsepower.

Multi-Vacuum Pump Systems

Designed specifically for the router industry, Becker’s multi-vacuum pump systems are ideal for spoil board applications. Called Advantage-W, the system gives you standard Becker reliability and functionality, along with additional flexibility and an opportunity for cost savings.

Since hold-down force is proportional to the surface area, a multi-pump system allows you to choose which units to operate to achieve the hold-down you want and, at the same time, save energy and increase efficiency.

Available in 4 Duplex and 2 Triplex models, an Advantage-W system supports zoned spoil board applications, faster cutting speeds, and shorter changeovers.

Oil-Flooded Vacuum Pumps

Becker’s oil-flooded vacuum pumps may be the right solution if your application requires a deep vacuum to:

  • Hold down smaller pieces
  • Use a point-to-point router table
  • Operate at higher elevations

Our oil-flooded pump can deliver 29.9 inches of Hg even when used at 10,000 feet above sea level. Oil-flooded pumps use semi-synthetic oil with optional gas ballast, and our multi-stage oil separation system is more than 99.9% efficient.

Pump Sizing for CNC Router Tables

Getting the correct size vacuum pump for your application is key to successfully machining plastic CNC parts. Generally, a nested or spoil board table will need 5.5 CFM per square foot of surface area. For a Pod and Rail table, less flow is required as it uses smaller pods; one size of pump will fit most Pod and Rail applications.

Table Size
Square Feet
Becker Pump
Becker Duplex System
4’ x 8’
VTLF 2.250
DS 250 W
5’ x 10’
VTLF 2.400
DS 250 W
5’ x 12’
VTLF 2.500
DS 250 W
5’ x 20’
DS 500 W
Pod and Rail
KTV 2.400

(This sizing chart is for estimating purposes only, and you should consult a trained Becker Representative to match the correct pump to your specific table. All calculations are based on sea level applications.)

CNC Vacuum Pumps for Your Manufacturing Company

OEMs in the CNC plastic machining industry trust our high-quality, powerful vacuum pumps. Whether you’re manufacturing 100 or 100,000 parts, a Becker pump delivers the superior performance and unrivaled service you should expect from a world-class supplier.

Do you need a custom pump design?

Our in-house design team can help.

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Becker Vacuum Pumps and Systems Offer:

  • Easy servicing and maintenance
  • Flexible configurations for maximum efficiency
  • Reliable performance
  • Exceptional hold down force

Industry-Leading Service

  • Deep knowledge of the CNC machining industry
  • Expert Custom Solutions team
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Comprehensive vacuum pump repair service
  • Reliable Becker Genuine Replacement Parts
  • Extensive inventory of machines
  • Same-day shipping

At Becker Pumps, we’ve been part of the CNC machining industry for decades, and we know how costly router breakdowns and maintenance can be. We designed our reliable vacuum pumps with router manufacturers in mind, helping you maximize uptime and optimize production.

If you’re facing a challenging application or your current pump isn’t meeting performance standards, contact Becker’s Custom Solutions team.

With years of industry expertise and engineering know-how, we’ll find a vacuum pump solution that fits your needs whether you’re at the design stage or looking to optimize an established process.



Contact the factory or Customer Support to learn how we help you get the right vacuum pump for your CNC router application.


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