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Introducing the Pump Sound Enclosure

Cuyahoga Falls, OH (September, 2016) – Becker Pumps Corporation announced the launch of a new product line of sound enclosures for their line of vacuum pumps, compressors, blowers and systems.

Noise reduction in manufacturing facilities is a high priority not only for employee comfort, but also to meet OSHA requirements. U.S. businesses paid more than $1.5 million in OSHA fines for not protecting workers from noise. In addition, workers’ compensation claims for hearing loss disability are estimated at $242 million annually.

Although Becker Pumps Corporation takes pride in offering the quietest pumps in the industry, noise is inevitable with compressors, pumps, and blowers and can be compounded with other sources of noise in a manufacturing environment. As such, Becker Pumps is pleased to introduce a line of sound reducing enclosures making pumps and compressors up to 6 times quieter. In addition, the Becker enclosures are specifically engineered to fit the exact dimensions of their pumps yet allow for the required cooling to ensure long-life.

“We recently installed six SH 10 sound enclosures at a large manufacturer of personal health care products,” reported Ted Stolarski, Becker Pumps Chicago based sales representative. “It was a corporate mandate that noise must be kept below a certain level for all manufacturing areas. Six of their pumps were located right next to one another in a small area near their offices. After installing our SH 10 sound reduction enclosures, the noise level not only came in under OSHA’s sound levels, it exceeded my customer’s expectations of self-imposed sound levels as well. The customer is so pleased with the sound reduction results of the Becker enclosures, they plan on ordering all pumps they purchase in the future with the Becker sound enclosure.”

Prolonged exposure to loud noise kills the nerve endings in the inner ear resulting in permanent hearing loss that cannot be corrected. Even short-term exposure can result in ringing in the ears or the feeling of the ears being stuffed up. The Becker Pumps new sound reducing enclosures provide a 10-18 dBA noise reduction and a quieter, more comfortable work environment.

For additional information please visit www.beckerpumps.com or contact Jason Rathbun by email at Jason.Rathbun@beckerpumps.com, or by phone at 330-928-9966, Becker Pumps Corporation, 100 E. Ascot Lane, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 44223-3768.

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