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Primary Packaging and Food Processing

Newer. Better. Faster. Vacuum Pumps specifically designed for the food packaging industry.

Becker’s robust and safe high-performance vacuum pumps turn your machines into highly efficient and reliable packaging units while reducing the costs of your packaging process. With a 7% faster evacuation time compared to the industry standard, our primary packaging vacuum pumps have the fastest pump downtime in the food vacuum packaging industry.

Our primary packaging vacuum pumps will outperform any conventional standard vacuum pump. Their compact design and the various performance levels help make special purpose machinery more efficient. The option to use several optimized vacuum pumps allows reducing the size and increasing flexibility and efficiency of packaging machines for both original equipment and retrofitting. All Becker vacuum pumps have an IE3 energy efficiency rating allowing for sustainable reduction of energy costs.

From traditional vacuum packaging in table-top and chamber machines to advanced process gas supply for tray packaging, Becker offers a broad range of products and customized solutions for the food packaging industry.

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