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Customized solutions from Becker designed for your application

Solutions for Industrial Vacuum Pump Applications

Applications for vacuum pumps and low pressure compressors are as numerous and wide ranging as the industries and processes that require them. Determining the proper flow and vacuum/pressure level is critical to maximizing the objective of your specific application. Even though each application is unique, certain common factors should always be considered, such as:

  • Ambient Conditions
  • Space Limitations
  • Sound Level
  • Altitude
  • Electrical Requirements
  • Motor Cycling

Solutions for Your Application

Learn More About the Common Applications of Vacuum Technology

Becker products provide innovative solutions for a wide range of applications. To determine what pump technology is best suited to your needs, you first need to understand from a high level, what you need the pump or compressor to do. If your required application isn’t listed below, contact a knowledgeable Becker Team Member to answer your questions and help find the right solution for you.

Blowing & Injecting

Compressors are used to build up pressure to supply air for the aeration of waste water, blast air for printing, wine presses, drainage system reliners, and other processes.


From, food processing and packaging, to thermoforming, and manufacturing, the removal of air or gas from a given space is one of the most wide ranging applications of vacuum pumps and systems.

Gas Recirculation

Gas-tight blowers from Becker are the preferred solution for recirculation in 3-D printers, CO2 laser systems, and glove box applications.

Pneumatic Conveying

Low pressure and vacuum solutions are perfect for transferring powders, granules, flakes, and other small, dry, low bulk density products.


Vacuum pumps and blowers are used for a wide range of applications that require the removal of fluids, waste, air, as well as various other materials.


Vacuum pumps are the preferred solution for removing gases, air, moisture, and vapor from processed materials like plastics, ceramic, and pasta to improve the finished product quality.

Vacuum Fixing

Vacuum pumps and vacuum systems from Becker are the ideal solution for holding goods and components in place during production, processing, and packaging.

Pick & Place

Many modern production processes require the use of vacuum to transport, lift, and place goods and materials, including feeders for printing, secondary packaging, and other automatic loaders.

Information & Resources

Vacuum Pump Noise

Have you ever tried to finish a report with construction noise outside? Almost everyone can attest to the stress caused by repeated loud noise in the workplace. Besides unwanted headaches, permanent hearing loss is a real concern.

Our Industrial Vacuum Pump Technical Guide

Becker has designed a comprehensive handbook for the use of our distributors and customers as an aid in the designing of applications involving vacuum and low pressure compressed air. Just some of what you’ll find in the complete handbook includes: Similarity of units CFM vs. SCFM vs. ACFM Motor cycling...

Get the Right Pump for Your Needs with a Free Vacuum Pump Trial & Test Program

Testing allows your company to find out exactly how a particular Becker machine will function for your needs.

Introducing New Clear Filters for Router Hold‐down Pumps

Cuyahoga Falls, OH (May 2017) – Becker Pumps Corporation introduced a new clear filter design that allows maintenance personnel to assess whether a filter needs to be replaced without shutting down production. The new, clear filters have been added to the list of Becker Genuine Parts. Using Becker Genuine Parts...



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