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Pick & Place


Pick & place or automated handling utilizes equipment and technology to move, lift, pull, push, store, and retrieve products and or materials. Becker vacuum pumps are well-suited for automated handling because of their compact, low-maintenance design.

With so many factors to consider when choosing a pick & place solution, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We take time to fully understand your challenges and tailor solutions to match all your requirements. Find out how in this video.

That’s why it pays to pick Becker. We have the extensive experience and expertise to solve your challenges and increase your operation’s performance.

Recent Blog Posts

Our Industrial Vacuum Pump Technical Guide

Becker has designed a comprehensive handbook for the use of our distributors and customers as an aid in the designing of applications involving vacuum and low pressure compressed air. Just some of what you’ll find in the complete handbook includes: Similarity of units CFM vs. SCFM vs. ACFM Motor cycling...

Venturi Vacuum Generator vs. Mechanical Vacuum Pump

Sourcing a vacuum system should never be done on a whim. The investment not only has an initial purchase cost, but also an ongoing financial impact from operations and upkeep.

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