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Becker is the most trusted name in the world for vacuum and offers a wide selection of pumps tailored specifically for your process. Becker’s full range of pumps and multi pump systems meet the needs for every type of vacuum process in the industry. Autoclaves, vacuum layup and composite, resin transfer molding, and light resin transfer molding are handled easily and efficiently with Becker pumps.

Recent Blog Posts

Tips for Custom Vacuum Pump Design

For many applications, a custom vacuum pump design is the best way to get a fit-for-purpose solution that improves efficiency and doesn’t compromise on features. However, the customization is only worthwhile if it meets your specific needs.

Venturi Vacuum Generator vs. Mechanical Vacuum Pump

Sourcing a vacuum system should never be done on a whim. The investment not only has an initial purchase cost, but also an ongoing financial impact from operations and upkeep.

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