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CNC Routing


Make It Fixed In the Wood Industry

Becker USA offers a complete line of vacuum solutions for the woodworking industry, including 100% oil-less, dry vacuum pumps, deep vacuum oil-flooded pumps, rotary claw, and our Advantage-W multi-vacuum pump systems.

These solutions minimize maintenance requirements, offer the most efficient pumps and systems in the world, and provide the strong vacuum hold down that is imperative for keeping parts in place and reducing scrap.

Becker has more experience providing pumps for router vacuum hold-down applications for CNC tables than any other industry manufacturer. OEMs rely on us because we understand their needs and respond with the appropriate solution.

If you’re an OEM, you have the advantage of knowing that a staff of experienced application engineers are available to work with you during the design stage to ensure your equipment is optimized for efficient vacuum use.

Pump Sizing for CNC Router Tables

Generally speaking, when you want to match the right pump to the table size, you need 5.5 CFM per square foot of surface area for spoil board or nested base tables. Due to the small suction cups utilized by Pod and Rail tables, they require far less flow and typically use one size pump.

Table SizeSquare FeetCFMBecker PumpBecker Duplex SystemCFM
4’ x 8’32176VTLF 2.250WW 250 D352
5’ x 10’50275VTLF 2.400WW 250 D352
5’ x 12’60330VTLF 2.500WW 250 D352
5’ x 20’100550WW 500 D706
Pod and Rail1266KVT 3.100

(This sizing chart is for estimating purposes only, and you should consult a trained Becker Representative to match the correct pump to your specific table. All calculations are based on sea level applications.)

CNC Vacuum Pumps for Your Manufacturing Company

Becker Pumps manufactures a wide variety of high-quality, powerful vacuum pumps for the various machines used in woodworking shops.

With Becker pumps, you’ll receive the following benefits:

Becker Vacuum Pumps and Systems:

  • Greater hold downforce.
  • Maximum horsepower efficiency.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy and fast to service.

Exceptional Customer Service

  • Experienced technical support.
  • Knowledgeable inside sales and customer service.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • In-house vacuum pump repair service.
  • We offer only Becker Genuine Replacement Parts.
  • Large inventory.
  • Same-day shipping available.

At Becker Pumps, we understand that router breakdowns are costly due to lost production and maintenance downtime. Our pumps solve both of these problems—and that’s why more woodshops choose Becker!

Contact the factory or Customer Support now for help with selecting the best woodworking vacuum pumps to fulfill your requirements.

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