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Deeper Vacuum Creates Leaks in Tubing: Myth vs. Reality

Maple syrup production is a time-honored tradition that relies on meticulous tapping of maple trees to extract their precious sap. In recent years, the use of deep vacuum systems for maple extraction has sparked debate, with some concerns that these systems cause micro leaks in tree taps. However, it’s crucial...

How to Use a Vacuum Pump for Robotic Material Handling

Whether it’s electronics, logistics, packaging & food processing, printing & paper, construction, or another production process, robotic material handling can be the fastest, most accurate, and most efficient method of picking and placing materials. Every manufacturing process has its requirements for handling materials. In addition to selecting industrial robots and...

How to Choose a Vacuum Pump

Choosing the right vacuum pump can ensure that your operations will be the most cost and energy-efficient, with the least maintenance and minimal downtime.  In this article, the experts at Becker offer their advice on how to make the optimal selection for your application – whether it be secondary packaging,...

What to Do if Your Vacuum Pump is Making a Loud Noise

Your vacuum pump may have been running smoothly for some time, all the while producing a continuous humming sound. But what does it mean when the noise level rises? Should you be concerned?  In this post, we examine the many possible reasons for loud noises or a rattling sound coming...

Quality vs. Upfront Cost: Comparing Vacuum Pumps

It’s common for purchasing managers to choose a vacuum pump at or near the lowest price available. However, the quality of the pump significantly impacts the cost and performance of the pump over its lifespan.  In this article, we dive into the many factors affecting the lifetime cost of high-quality...

5 Common Problems With Vacuum Pumps

With so many types and brands of industrial vacuum pumps on the market today, a wide range of issues can arise that can negatively impact your business.  In this post, we examine the five most common problem areas and how to resolve them – whether repairing or replacing the pumps...



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