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Rental Pump Program

The Becker Rental Pump Program

Pump Rentals

Our Rental Pump Program ensures minimal downtime when you need to repair or rebuild a pump. For a one-time fee and shipping to and from your facility, we provide a rental for the length of time that it takes to repair your pump. Should you decide to keep the rental, the fee is applied to the price of the pump.

Keep production running while your pump is being repaired.

We offer both Oil-Flooded and Oil-less Vacuum Pumps for rent:

  • VT Series
  • KVT Series
  • VTLF Series
  • U Series
  • O Series

We also offer blowers and compressors for rent:

  • SV Series
  • DT Series
  • KDT Series
  • DTLF Series
  • DVT Series
  • T Series

Information & Resources

How to Determine the Cost of a Vacuum Pump

For manufacturers and resellers, calculating the true cost of a vacuum pump before purchasing is often a challenge. We look at the real factors that affect what you’ll pay for a new vacuum solution.

Tips for Custom Vacuum Pump Design

For many applications, a custom vacuum pump design is the best way to get a fit-for-purpose solution that improves efficiency and doesn’t compromise on features. However, the customization is only worthwhile if it meets your specific needs.

Creating a Custom Solution for a Major CNC Router Manufacturer

This case study highlights why a major CNC Router Manufacturer switched from their existing vacuum pump supplier to Becker Pumps, and how the manufacturer and Becker worked together to create a custom solution. With sales representatives in over 100 countries, this OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is a major player in...

Introducing the New Loaner Pump Program

Becker's new Loaner Pump Program allows manufacturers to keep production running while their pump is being repaired or rebuilt. The program ensures minimal downtime and is part of Becker’s commitment to Best in Class customer support.



When can I expect to hear back?

Our goal is to respond to all care and employment inquiries within 24 hours of receipt. Our Becker Pumps Corporate offices are generally open Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm EST time.