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Performance, precision and sustainability matter in the environmental industry. Vacuum pumps and compressors from Becker perform their job day after day in numerous environmental technology processes.

Water Treatment Pumps for Aeration & Agitation

Wastewater plants play a vital role in treating millions of gallons of water every day. These facilities require reliable, oil-free pumps that can deliver clean air bubbles to achieve maximum degradation. Becker regenerative blowers and compressors deliver 100% oil-free air. Whether you’re agitating a plating, cleaning or rinsing tank or aerating a pond, lagoon or fish farm, you’ll have ZERO contamination from dirt and oil-induced into your water or solution. These environmentally friendly water treatment pumps equate to less solution change out, clean water and lower overall operational costs. Becker also offers a “no noise” alternative with our new submersible blower.

View more about Becker’s environmentally friendly solutions for aeration and agitation.

Precision Solutions for Treating Wastewater

Becker claw pumps are the ideal solution for water treatment plants where low maintenance and totally oil-free compression are required. They operate as an air-cooled unit — which means it requires zero water or oil in the compression chamber. Claw pumps utilize the rotary claw operation principle, which increases their efficiency (CFM per Horsepower) when compared to a conventional oil-free vacuum pump. This helps reduce energy costs, and due to no wearing parts, provides near maintenance-free operation.

Becker Pumps also offers rotary vane pumps and regenerative blowers for your wastewater treatment processes. Whether you have a Conventional Activated Sludge System (CAS) or an Aerated Stabilization Basin (ASB), Becker has the right pump for your facility.

Different Types of Wastewater Pumps

Depending on the application, there are many commonly used types of wastewater pumps, including:

  • Centrifugal pumps — They use centrifugal force that creates enough velocity to displace the water through the system.
  • Positive displacement pumps — These types of pumps use impellers, rollers, and gears as they displace fluid. They’re ideal pumping solutions for liquids and slurries that contain a lot of solid particles.
  • High-pressure pumps — These pumps use an axial piston principle to move liquid and can be fixed displacement or variable delivery.
  • Other Pumps — There are many other types of pumps that are used in wastewater treatment facilities, such as:
    • Progressive cavity pumps
    • Mixed flow pumps
    • Trash pumps
    • Lift stations

Click here to view wastewater treatment specifications.

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