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Secondary Packaging Industry


Need a vacuum pump that thrives when the pressure is on? Becker has robust, reliable rotary vane or hook and claw pumps and regenerative blowers ready to pick up the slack on your line. Our powerful, cost-efficient units are the leading vacuum source powering secondary packaging automation worldwide.

From tray formers to case packing, food packaging to case palletizing, Becker now has a vacuum pump in stock and right-sized for your secondary packaging materials, equipment, line capacity, and operating conditions. Choose from our industry-leading range of oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps. You’ll get a pump that works harder, needs less maintenance, and keeps grime and oil mist away from packaging and product.

Engineers and line managers across the secondary packaging market trust Becker to keep packaging processes moving. Our compact rotary vane units offer easy integration with a wide range of secondary packaging solutions while outperforming any conventional standard vacuum pump. 

Best of all, at Becker we back up the industry’s best vacuum pump for packaging with class-leading customer service. Our global supply chain means we have the stocked inventory you depend on available when you need it.

Learn how Venturi Vacuums Compare to Mechanical Vacuum Pumps.

Highest Reliability at the Lowest Operating Cost

Our oil-less vacuum pumps will save your company maintenance time, downtime, and money.

  • No oil: No need to change used oil or separators.
  • No discharge oil mist: Keeps your plant environmentally clean and no oil smell.
  • No sludge: No chance of overheating or clogged return lines.
  • Carbon vane technology: Low maintenance cost and minimal downtime.


Oil-less rotary vane and rotary screw vacuum pumps are used for a wide range of vacuum packaging applications. Becker vacuum pumps can be found in almost every kind of packaging environment and on the most common types of packaging equipment and machinery.

  • Tray formers
  • Pick and Place
  • Fillers
  • Robotic
  • Cartoners
  • Carton and Case Packers
  • Corrugated Box Erectors
  • Palletizers
  • Baggers
  • Blister Pack & Clam Shell
  • Cardboard Box Handling
  • Cappers and Fillers
  • Weighers and Sorters
  • Inserters


Becker is the leading choice for vacuum pumps used in packaging equipment worldwide and can help improve your packaging operations. Becker pumps are specifically engineered to offer superior performance and return on investment for every secondary packaging application. Choose wisely. Make it Becker.

Relevant Applications

Pick & Place
  • Palletizing of bagged goods, folding boxes, blister packs, deep-drawn packs, bottles, etc.
  • Blister packaging of pharmaceutical products
Vacuum Fixing
  • Fixing of foil bags and sacks in filling processes
  • Evacuation of tubes, bottles and containers in filling processes


Will your pump fit into my packaging machine?

Becker pumps are designed to work with packaging line machinery. Our units come in a choice of sizes depending on capacity, each with a minimal footprint. Check out vacuum pump spec sheets to learn more.

Can your pumps support my operating environment?

We work with you to ensure we deliver a pump that meets your needs. We supply pumps with additional filtration equipment to operate in dusty environments and with sound enclosures to further limit noise from our ultra-efficient IE3 motors. MAP variants of our pumps are available for oxygen or nitrogen applications.

My pumps are down again. Is it worth making the switch to Becker?

Becker’s superior materials and design mean our equipment runs better for longer with less maintenance, while our global service network ensures you’ll get parts and help faster. That’s why we’re the first choice vacuum pump supplier for more OEM line equipment designers and engineers.

There are cheaper vacuum pumps on the market. Why should I choose Becker for my packaging company?

Our vacuum pumps are built specifically for the demanding conditions of the packaging industry. Becker’s clean-running, oil-less carbon vane pumps deliver the highest levels of reliability at the lowest operating cost. Top OEMs and packagers choose Becker for performance and efficiency that delivers over the long run.

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When can I expect to hear back?

Our goal is to respond to all care and employment inquiries within 24 hours of receipt. Our Becker Pumps Corporate offices are generally open Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm EST time.