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Global Vision, Custom Delivery for a Packaging Equipment OEM

1 Single-Stage Vacuum Pump

When a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment to the pharmaceutical and food industries needed a global partner to help deliver a fully integrated solution to clients around the world, they turned to Becker.

Concerned that their existing supplier lacked the global mindset needed to deliver tailor-made solutions for processing and packaging plants around the world, the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) tapped Becker to supply the critical components under a single worldwide handling and pricing agreement.


The problem was that the OEM’s existing supplier-buyer agreement would not scale to meet the equipment-makers expanding global horizons, according to a senior strategic procurement manager overseeing the project.

“Back then, every production site had its own purchasing channels and strategies,” he explained. “All locations used different pump suppliers. We wanted to centralize purchasing. Not different supplier contracts by factory locations.” 

The OEM asked Becker, which was already providing equipment to the company, to step up and provide tailor-made forced air and vacuum solutions for separate projects under a centralized global procurement strategy.

The agreement needed to cover projects for clients served by any of the OEM’s 30 worldwide locations. It also needed to meet the equipment maker’s own high standards, as part of a respected family of German process engineering brands with a tradition of quality stretching back more than 150 years.

Specifically, Becker was asked to provide:

  • Flexible, reliable pumping solutions for tailor-made solutions delivered worldwide
  • A single global pricing structure covering all plant installation
  • Value-based, competitively priced equipment
  • Support from our existing global network
  • High-level communication and cooperation to solve on-site integration challenges

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To meet these needs, Becker recommended their SV series of ultra-reliable contact-free single and double-stage regenerative vacuum pumps. The product line includes units delivering from 94 to 229 standard cubic feet per minute, offering the flexibility needed for custom-built solutions while providing the 100% oil-free operation needed for the OEM’s food and pharmaceutical packaging equipment.

The SV line’s innovative side-channel blower design also provides:

  • Compact design for easier integration
  • Rubber foot of pedestal mount for versatile installation
  • Uniquely designed impeller
  • High-efficiency IE3 motors available in multiple power ratings
  • Low operating and exhaust temperatures
  • Fully sealed, low-maintenance pump design

To date, SV130/2, SV201/2, and SV300/2 double-stage blowers have been used to power capsule-filling machines for a client in Waiblingen, Germany and single-stage SV201/1 and SV300/1 compressors have been supplied for a food packaging equipment in Beringen, Austria.

Becker has also supplied VT4.25 oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps for a form fill and seal solution for a food packaging operation in the Netherlands. Read More: Regenerative vs. Centrifugal Blowers


VT4.25 Oil-Less Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

The pumps have continued to outperform for the OEM. In fact, Becker is now the company’s main supplier of side-channel blowers, all provided as part of the existing global centralized procurement strategy. 

While the strategy was a “door opener”, the OEM stresses that it is Becker’s commitment to service, open communication, and technical support that allows the companies to continue to work closely together at locations around the world.

“Becker is our preferred supplier for us because they are reliable. Even if we face a challenge, we can always solve them together. We appreciate their solution-oriented and hands-on attitude as our partner!”

The OEM’s procurement team particularly values their ability to work with a reliable, established contact person at Becker — a key account manager who takes care of all the partnership’s business worldwide – as well as the ability to leverage Becker’s worldwide support network.

“It doesn’t matter if the pump is delivered to the US or Europe, with our contact person at Becker, we have someone who understands our businesses as a whole. We can always talk about delivery, price, or technical topics conducted based on the partnership.”

It’s a partnership that looks set to continue as the OEM builds its global processing and packaging footprint with Becker’s help, with the pair now looking to partner on a vacuum distillation project and other potential applications.


With a proven ability to deliver effective solutions to complex pumping challenges worldwide, Becker Pumps is ready to work with you to deliver tailored forced air and vacuum solutions.

Let’s talk today about how Becker’s unrivaled range of vacuum pumps, compressors, regenerative blowers, and vacuum systems can provide the power, reliability, efficiency, and performance your custom project needs. We also offer:

  • A global network of engineering support centers
  • A single, dedicated contact person for all our clients
  • Industry-leading technical know-how
  • Competitively-priced, flexible solutions right-sized to your needs

If you’re looking for a partner with global reach and industrial-strength solutions to take your custom product or process further, then choose right: make it Becker.

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