Creating a Custom Solution for a Major CNC Router Manufacturer

Becker Pump Assembly

This case study highlights why a major CNC Router Manufacturer switched from their existing vacuum pump supplier to Becker Pumps, and how the manufacturer and Becker worked together to create a custom solution.

With sales representatives in over 100 countries, this OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is a major player in the CNC market. It was a significant decision for them to consider a new supplier for their vacuum pump system.

Pursuing a Custom Option with Becker Pumps

The hero of any CNC vacuum system is its pump. For applications like woodworking and cabinetry, the hold-down force generated by a vacuum pump keeps objects in place allowing for tight cutting tolerances.

The manufacturer was looking to partner with an industry leader, like Becker Pumps, who could provide high-quality vacuum pumps as a full “drop-in” system for their CNC routers.

More than just a supplier, Becker’s strong reputation in the CNC router market, plus their willingness to customize, made them an ideal fit. The CNC Router Manufacturer and Becker entered into a partnership together to develop a unique vacuum pump solution.

Delivering a “Drop-In” Solution Ready for Customers

The first requirement for the OEM’s custom solution was a quieter vacuum that could be used with several of their CNC router sizes—and they needed to ensure a quick turnaround on orders. Becker could meet both these needs with their oil-less, dry-running VTLF product line.

Becker Pump Switch VTLF Series Features:

  • 100% oil-free operation
  • Graphite composite vanes
  • Built-in inlet filter
  • Vacuum regulators included standard
  • Minimal maintenance

For this venture, the range of vacuum pump sizes could be met by the offerings from Becker’s VTLF 2.250 to VTLF 2.500 product line.

The next part of the solution was to make the vacuum pump “drop-in” ready for the OEM’s customers. In the past, finding a supplier who could meet their requirements had been challenging for this OEM. For Becker, this was an opportunity to put their core strengths to work and create a truly custom system.

Communication was critical for success—the project called for multiple contact points between the CNC Router Manufacturer and Becker’s team. A large part of the technical development required collaboration between engineers at both companies.

Becker’s custom solution included a range of amps and pump sizes. They designed a system complete with motor starters and control panels (for remote starting capabilities), vacuum release valves, silencers, and cables. They also made three-phase and single-phase drive options available.

Committed to the OEM’s success, Becker’s technicians even produced full documentation, including installation guides and operating instructions, for each component.

An Ongoing Partnership Powered By Becker’s VTLF Pumps

In 2016, the partnership with this global CNC Router Manufacturer began, and they continue to buy from Becker today.

A key piece of success was Becker’s collaborative partnership approach—throughout the process, they made it a priority to understand everyone’s needs and requests fully.

Overall, the CNC Router Manufacturer requested a complete “drop-in” solution they could provide to their customers, and Becker Pumps delivered!


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