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Get the Right Pump for Your Needs with a Free Vacuum Pump Trial & Test Program

Customers can trial run a pump for 30- to 90-days at their own facility to be sure it’s right, simply by contacting Becker Pumps.

Whether you’re test driving a car or trying on shoes to check the fit, it’s always best to try before you buy. Why should buying a vacuum pump be any different?


Testing allows your company to find out exactly how a particular Becker machine will function for your needs. You’ll be able to test and measure functionality, evaluate noise levels, and ultimately decide if it’s the right machine for you, all with zero risk.

Think of the trial & test program as an extended, 30- to 90-day road test. Sure, a data sheet describes a pump’s specifications, but putting a unit to the test in a real-world trial is far more informative.

To get started with a Becker pump trial, contact us. Or, keep reading to learn more about our vacuum pump testing program.

Trying Out a Pump Verifies it Fits Your Application

It stands to reason you’d want to know as much as possible about how a vacuum pump performs before buying—observing a unit in action is often the best way to confirm its fit.

Before committing to a partnership with Becker, many OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) request a trial period for vacuum pump testing. Their engineers need to witness a unit running to make sure it meets their requirements. That’s why Becker gives OEMs the opportunity to check anything and everything about a unit—firsthand—before making their final decision.

Our testing program is available for a wide range of Becker vacuum pumps. Two popular product lines include:



  • 100% oil-less operation
  • Quiet, cool operation
  • Long vane life



  • 100% oil-less operation
  • Integrated inlet filter
  • Integrated vacuum or pressure relief valve

If there’s a specific upgrade or pump technology you’re considering, or if you’re on the fence about a purchase, the 30- to 90-day trial program can help determine whether a Becker vacuum pump is the right choice. It’s the perfect chance to gauge how a unit works during operation, and gain insight into how well the unit fits with your product or process.

It’s Easy to Do Business with Becker

For over 20 years, we’ve offered a free trial & test program for our vacuum pumps—we’re dedicated to doing all we can to help customers find the equipment they need.

Our superior service begins when a customer contacts us about vacuum pump testing and gets to speak to a real person.

Becker’s Custom Solutions Team delivers one-of-a-kind service value. Instead of just responding to specifications, our engineers cut through the clutter of technical information to understand a client’s overarching objectives. That way, together, we can figure out the best vacuum pump selection.

Learn how we helped a CNC company

build a custom vacuum pump solution.

Talking through a pump’s application with a Becker specialist can reduce a customer’s engineering time significantly. Often, the Becker crew can identify opportunities or catch potential issues in the design phase and propose alternatives to head off future problems.

Our team is always available to chat and answer any questions.

What if the Trial Pump Isn’t Right for You?

You’re potentially making a big commitment, and we know how important a trial period is for finding the right pump.



If you’re not satisfied with a vacuum pump unit during a test, we work together (with you or your team) to determine why the pump didn’t work out and identify alternatives. Becker is committed to supplying a pump that delivers the best value possible—we’ll go forward, testing a different pump technology or perhaps a larger size that’s more appropriate to the application.

Every machine reacts differently depending on where and how it’s used. During a trial period, please record your observations on its performance. This information can help us pinpoint what did, and maybe didn’t, work for you.

How to Apply for Becker’s 30- to 90-Day Vacuum Pump Testing

At Becker Pumps, we’re known for supplying reliable machines at a fair price with excellent customer service.

We want to make it easy to do business with us, which is why we offer a no-cost, no-obligation, vacuum pump trial & test program. It gives our customers solid insight into the benefits of using a Becker pump.

Trying one of our vacuum pumps requires $0 upfront.

To get started with a vacuum pump trial & test, all we need is for you to contact us and provide a zero-value purchase order (for tracking purposes). That’s it. We hope to hear from you soon.

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Get the Right Pump for Your Needs with a Free Vacuum Pump Trial & Test Program

Testing allows your company to find out exactly how a particular Becker machine will function for your needs.