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Becker Pumps Corporation Introduces Two New Vacuum Pump Series for Primary Packaging

Cuyahoga Falls, OH (October 2018) – Becker Pumps Corp. introduced two new series of vacuum pumps which are specifically designed for the Primary Packaging market. These new pumps are direct replacements for the pumps currently being offered by the competition and are more energy efficient. Becker is also the first manufacturer of vacuum pumps to supply the new IE3 (International Efficiency) Premium Efficiency standard motors in the United States on its complete line of pumps.

This announcement by Becker of the successful introduction of the new U 5 Series and Roots Booster Package Series of pumps is of particular significance to all end users in the Primary Packaging industries. Not only are the electric motors supplied on Becker pumps more energy efficient, but the pumps also draw down to a deeper end vacuum enabling the customer to run faster packaging lines thus increasing production. Other vacuum pump manufacturers cannot make this claim.

Becker can not only supply the new improved U 5 Series of stand-alone pumps that Becker has provided for more than 130 years but can now offer booster pump packages as a plug and play option against the competition. Becker always has a large inventory of vacuum pumps in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

As Managing Director of Becker Pumps USA, Jason Rathbun recently stated, “Tests have proven that the new line of Becker oil flooded vacuum pumps have a pump downtime between 5% and 7% faster than the competition’s pumps. This sounds like a small percentage, but it translates into a dramatic increase when it comes to how much more product our customers can now produce.”

Jim Matuszak, East Regional Sales Manager for Becker Pumps added, “I believe that Primary Packaging customers should look into Becker as their alternative source for their vacuum needs so they can stay ahead of their competition when it comes to product output. For years, packaging customers have had only one vacuum source to choose from, but thanks to these new Series of Becker vacuum pumps, there are now more and better options available. Becker Pumps can ensure them that they will increase production.”

For additional information on the entire line of Becker pumps, especially the new U 5 Series and Roots Booster Packages, visit or contact: Jason Rathbun by phone at 330-928-9966, Becker Pumps Corporation, 100 E. Ascot Lane, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 44223-3768.


Becker Pumps Corporation manufactures a complete line of oil-flooded and oil-free rotary vane, regenerative and rotary screw vacuum pumps and low-pressure compressors. These pumps are incorporated into complete central systems and variable frequency drive units to offer an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to standard models. Becker has an internationally networked development team to work with customers on providing equipment manufacturers with the appropriate pump for their application. Manufactured to the highest quality standards in Germany, Becker has brought Best in Class engineering to the global marketplace for over 130 years and is the first vacuum pump manufacturer to meet IE3 compliance.

Becker pumps can be found on virtually every type of equipment used in many different industries which include food packaging, printing, woodworking, paper converting, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, beverage, dairy, chemical, medical device and consumer packaging.

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