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The Most Valuable Feature of High-Quality Vacuum Pumps

While you expect most quality vacuum pumps to offer performance, reliability, and ease of use right out of the box, you won’t find the most valuable feature of leading brand pump equipment listed on a spec sheet.

That’s because only the leading vacuum pump manufacturers deliver superior post-sale technical support and customer service as standard on every pump they sell.

Below we take a look at what it takes to deliver long-term support of vacuum pump equipment supplied to an OEM or end user.

We’ll consider why just a select few companies are able to add this valuable “extra feature” to every pump they ship when so many others fall by the wayside.


If you’re a manufacturer or user of secondary packaging equipment, the vacuum pumps powering your application are not just standalone gear that can be installed, operated, and maintained in isolation from the rest of your line.

They’re mission-critical pieces of equipment with physical footprints, power ratings, and pump-down curves that are optimized for your process and product.

Why then do so many industrial suppliers try to sell you an off-the-shelf vacuum pump product promising good-enough performance and little to no support if things don’t pan out?


One size fits all might work well for a baseball cap, but it’s a bad fit for any at-scale precision manufacturing process. If you’re packaging in bulk, minor efficiencies will quickly add up to expensive overruns or maintenance headaches.

Despite this, many equipment makers rely heavily on independent distribution networks to place standard equipment with customers. 

This approach depends heavily on the knowledge and dedication of the distributor and makes it difficult to optimize equipment to your needs, especially if you are an end-user looking to design or upgrade a line. 


If you’re being offered a “convenient” off-the-shelf solution for your particular production challenge by a supplier or distributor, it makes sense to ask how much skin your supplier really has in the game, and what you can expect when the sale is done and the equipment has been delivered. 

It also makes sense to consider whether any money you save on the deal now is going to translate into long-term value if you are going to struggle to find parts or need to invest in expensive third-party support down the line.

If you are an OEM evaluating a unit for your products, it’s important to consider whether your equipment supplier has the capacity to continue to produce and support their product for years to come, or if you are going to be left scrambling for parts or trying to retrofit existing equipment.


While you will usually receive plenty of attention from salespeople if you are in the market for pumps for existing or new-to-the-market equipment, in many cases that interest declines significantly once you’ve agreed to buy.

Failing to check out what after-sale service you might receive before agreeing to a deal can put you in a difficult position months or even years after the sale, potentially leaving you with:

  • Pumps that are poorly suited to or even incompatible with your equipment
  • No technical support or troubleshooting
  • Difficulting sourcing replacement parts
  • Difficulty finding trained service personal
  • Difficulty getting pumps repaired or overhauled

In a worst-case scenario, you could be left with equipment that is no longer even manufactured, or is made overseas but not supported by local dealers.


It can be difficult to know if a supplier can provide good quality products and support services that will help you meet your goals and add value to your operation in the long run. 

Here are some important questions to ask before you commit to buying a new vacuum pump: 

  1. Is your supplier the original manufacturer or a licensed or independent dealer?
  2. Is the supplier available to answer questions during the sale process?
  3. Is your supplier offering standard products or can they be customized?
  4. Has a manufacturer’s representative visited your plant?
  5. Does your supplier support both OEMs and end users?
  6. Does your supplier support their own products or outsource this to a third party?
  7. Does your supplier offer installation support, maintenance services, or on-site repairs?

Your answers should give you some idea as to whether your supplier has the knowledge, experience, and market clout to guide you through the sales process, supply you with the quality products you need, and support your equipment in the long run. 


So, what sets a vacuum pump supplier like Becker apart from the rest of the pack? Some of our competitors think it has to do with our broad product selection and extensive parts inventory, our ability to deliver both ready-to-go solutions and optimized customizations, or our capacity to serve both packaging industry OEMs and specialized end-users.

That may all be true, but for us, it’s just part of the story. 

At Becker, we value our decades of experience as a market leader in the vacuum pump industry worldwide. It’s positioned us as experts and problem solvers rather than just equipment suppliers, and has given us a perspective many of our competitors lack:

  • It has made us better at listening to customers’ needs and providing solutions that meet those needs at a competitive price. 
  • It has taught us to treat every customer as just that: a valued customer regardless of whether you need just one pump or 100. 

That’s why we prioritize long-term returns and lasting partnerships over short-term gains. It’s why we support vacuum pumps provided by our OEMs and resellers with the same fervor as the units we ship ourselves.

And, it’s why we consider exceptional support and service as standard features on every pump we ship.


Becker works hard to meet our customers where they are. 

As an established leader in the market, we have a record of visiting almost every end user we’ve worked with over the years. Our customers know who our local sales representatives are, whereas our competitors tend to rely more on distributors.

We also take a more consultative approach with customers than other companies, rather than looking to make a quick sale. From the start, our in-house customer solutions team works closely with our sales team. 

For end users, we listen to the customer and help to select a pump that fits the requirements of the application at a price point that works within the customer’s budget. Our ability to provide customizable solutions that fit a need is what makes us the market leaders we are.

We also value our relationships with OEMs. Here we tend to think in terms of price and standardization, working with equipment makers to develop an affordable product with the features they need, so that they can feel confident ordering in bulk. 


At Becker, we take care to maintain support through the sales process. Customers can always reach someone they know. Our sales staff provide cell numbers and always answer calls, while our customer solutions team is standing by to help with product-related support.

For end-users, our local area managers are ready to respond to customers before, during, and after every sale, even if the Becker pump was purchased through an OEM or reseller.

And we build our relationships with OEMs through a dedicated customer support contact who gets to know your business and preferences, in order to forge a seamless partnership that grows over time. 


When you support equipment as durable as Becker’s range of vacuum pumps, every customer relationship becomes a long-term partnership. 

That’s why we take care to understand your pump needs from the start, deliver a quality product that meets your requirements, and support it with industry-leading customer service.

You’ll see that commitment on the job from day one. We are rolling out QR codes on our units that link you directly to manuals, spec sheets, and technical information for every pump. You’ll also receive automated maintenance and parts reorder emails right to your inbox.

Depending on your needs we also offer:

  • On-site preventative maintenance (in selected areas)
  • Maintenance webinars and walk-through videos
  • One-on-one technical support (by phone and video) during set-up
  • Easy-to-use documents, including recommended maintenance interval information, technical guides, and step-by-step maintenance guides

And, we back all that up with 24/7 online parts ordering, where you can tap our vast in-stock inventory and access past orders while we provide rapid fulfillment from shipping locations close to you.

For larger end-user accounts and OEMs, we also offer post-sale maintenance seminars and on-site staff training. It’s all part of our commitment to helping you get more out of your product over the long lives of our pumps. 


Becker Pumps Mobile Service Image

Becker also offers a range of support services designed to ensure your vacuum pump or customized solution continues to run like new for years to come. This includes:

  • Mobile service: On-site service by factory-trained Becker technicians
  • Factory pump repairs: We offer a full warranty on repair center overhauls and rebuilds
  • Pump rentals: Reduce disruption and downtime with a replacement pump while yours is in the shop. Many customers opt to keep an extra Becker unit on site permanently!


At Becker Pumps, customer support is more than an add-on service. It’s a critical resource that supports our customers in times of need, helping them keep their promises and meet deadlines.

That’s why we work from the start to build great after-sales support into every product we ship. From a rapid response to your first query to ongoing support for vacuum pumps installed by specialized OEMs, we go the extra mile to keep you running long after the others have quit.

It’s hard to put a price on customer support that works as hard and lasts as long as our durable equipment, but it’s something worth thinking about if you’re in the market for vacuum pumps for your production equipment or process.

So, choose wisely. Make it Becker. Click below to learn how our purpose-built vacuum pumps and industry-leading customer support can help you move ahead in your industry.

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While you expect most quality vacuum pumps to offer performance, reliability, and ease of use right out of the box, you won’t find the most valuable feature of leading brand pump equipment listed on a spec sheet. That’s because only the leading vacuum pump manufacturers deliver superior post-sale technical support...