Central Systems

Central vacuum systems are becoming increasingly more popular as manufacturers are looking for new ways to trim operating expenses and increase efficiency. Centralizing the vacuum needs eliminates the necessity for personnel to perform periodic maintenance or repair on many pumps around the facility.

It also permits continuous, uninterrupted operation because a central system usually includes a reserve, or back-up, pump that comes on stream automatically should a primary pump fail to operate.

Without a central system, should a pump fail or be down for maintenance, the machine associated with it would be out of service until another pump can be brought in and connected.

Centralizing also makes it more comfortable for the employees, an ever increasing concern in today’s business world. Removing pumps from the immediate work area reduces noise level and heat generated by the pumps and motors.

Central Vacuum

If the pumps were oil lubricated or water cooled, centralizing removes the potentially hazardous situation of oil or water on the floor, which might cause someone to slip, causing injury.

If you have questions about vacuum pumps or positive displacement pumps, or you would like to know how this type of vacuum pump can work in your application, we can help. We offer various Central Vacuum Systems for Industrial and Medical applications.  Below are just a few.  Contact Becker Pumps for more information.


Central Vacuum Systems:

Advantage-D Oil-less Medical/Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

Advantage-D systems are 100% oil-less, dry central vacuum systems for medical/surgical or general industrial applications that require operating vacuum levels from atmosphere to as high as 27 in. Hg.


Advantage-P Auto-Purge Laboratory Vacuum Systems with Auto-Purge

Advantage-P laboratory central vacuum systems are a variation of our Advantage-L lubricated central systems with the inclusion of an Auto-Purge function. Specifically designed for laboratory applications, the purge system cleanses the pump of ingested gases and chemicals to extend the life of the oil while increasing pump life.


Advantage-L Oil-Flooded Medical/Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

Advantage-L models are compact central medical/industrial vacuum systems and, in most cases, able to fit through a 36” doorway. The Advantage-L version offers our oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps for deep draw vacuum up to 29.9 in.Hg.


Advantage-W Woodworking/CNC Router Systems

We specifically designed our Advantage-W industrial central vacuum systems to meet the requirements of manufacturers that use vacuum hold-down for router tables in the woodworking, thermoforming, and other related industries.


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