Regenerative Blowers

Regenerative blowers move air using non-positive displacement. They allow some air to pass over a blade and then forward using another blade.

This is different from machines that use positive displacement that work by trapping air and forcing it to move.

These devices are relatively simple and use only the blades and enclosed space to operate. Air flows into the blower through a port and out through a different port.

Regenerative blowers operate using a motor or engine that causes the blades to rotate.

regenerative blowers

How are Regenerative Blowers Used?

There are several different reasons why you might need a regenerative blower. Industries that work with chemicals or environmental processes often use regenerative blowers. They are also used in lifting, packaging, and conveying products. A regenerative blower can be used to remove dust or smoke from the air, extract soil vapor, or perform sewage aeration. They are well-suited for applications that require high rates of air flow at a low pressure, or when a vacuum is required in a process.

What are the Beneficial Features of Regenerative Blowers?

The benefits of regenerative blowers include their ability to operate at a high efficiency. They are usually small in size considering the amount of air they are able to move. They are also quiet and create very little vibration.

Regenerative blowers are also easy to maintain and operate in a simple manner that results in fewer breakdowns. There is only one moving part inside the blower (the impeller), so there is little wear and tear overall. These reliable machines require little maintenance and are easy to use.

Becker Pumps offers two different types of blowers: 1-stage and 2-stage. Both feature many of the same advantages, and if necessary, can be converted into the different stage blower. (One can be converted to two and two to one, if needed.)

We also guarantee our blowers will have all the features you expect, including quiet operation, dependability, and low maintenance.

To learn more or to discuss your regenerative blower needs, contact Becker Pumps.


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