Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps are similar to other vane pumps. However, these pumps feature unique benefits you will not find with standard vacuum pumps. Oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps are positive-displacement pumps that feature sliding vanes in a rotor rotating within a cavity.

Rotary vane pumps never experience internal metal-to-metal contact, so they are able to self-compensate for wear. As a result, they maintain peak performance longer than competing machinery.

This rotary vane vacuum pump is dry running and an excellent choice for medium or variable vacuum range. They are also a popular choice due to their lower maintenance requirements.
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What are the Benefits of Using Rotary Vane Oil-less Vacuum Pumps?

Becker rotary vane oil-less vacuum pumps feature a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • 100% Oil-less operation
  • Quiet, cool operation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Long vane life
  • Inlet filters included
  • Discharge silencers
  • Direct drive
  • Vacuum regulators included
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Continuous duty rated

Becker pumps are also ideal in a variety of applications:

  • Paper and Plastic Packing
  • Medical/Surgical Vacuum
  • Food Packaging and Processing
  • Printing and Paper Converting
  • Vacuum Infusion of Composites
  • Environmental Applications
  • Pick and Place
  • Vacuum Hold Down for CNC Routers

How Do I Know a Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump is Right for the Job?

Oil-less vacuum pumps feature many unique advantages, and finding the right rotary vane oil-less vacuum pump does not have to be a challenge. Becker pumps have a reputation for being exceptionally quiet and compact. They feature superior longevity and versatility. Becker oil-less rotary vane pumps are ideal for medical and surgical applications, graphic arts, vacuum chucking, robotics and material handling, and packaging.

We design our pumps to operate on a continuous basis at any point to a vacuum level of 27″ HgV. Our pumps also feature direct drive or flange mounted motors, optional frequency drives are available. Integral vacuum relief valve, vibration isolators, and a 10u inlet filter are standard.

To learn whether rotary vane pumps are right for your application, contact Becker Pumps today.

Why Choose Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps?

Rotary vane pumps are energy efficient while generating vacuum and atmospheric pressure. Energy consumption has a substantial impact on your facility’s efficiency. Therefore, implementing reliable vacuum pumps is necessary for maintaining optimal performance and profitability. Implementing superior machinery with higher energy efficiency also makes your facility more environmentally friendly.

Here at Becker, we are always improving the quality and performance of our machinery, so Becker customers get the best machinery available. Installing Becker machinery will immediately improve efficiency for your facility. Other machinery takes up more space and creates more noise than Becker rotary vane pumps. Many facilities install other pumps assuming that size and noise mean more power and efficiency. However, these pumps are just wasting energy and creating unnecessary noise.

We design our pumps to be compact and quiet in addition to more efficiently outputting higher levels of pressure. Choosing Becker Pumps machinery means you will make better use of your energy and increase overall productivity. You also receive machinery with a long life relative to competing machinery. As a result, you save more money in the long term while improving your facility’s efficiency.

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