Newer Better and Faster Vacuum Packaging

Becker pumps have the fastest pump downtime in the food vacuum packaging industry which increases your production output by at least 7%

Primary Packaging Brochure Secondary Packaging Specifications

U 5 Series

  • Shortest evacuation times compared to industry standards
  • Low installed motor capacity in direct comparison
  • Highly efficient oil separation for extended maintenance intervals
  • Compact structural dimensions: minimal footprint, easy integration into packaging machines without expensive special-purpose machinery
  • Ideal for sensitive fresh products thanks to minimal heat emission


  • Safe and simple way to package red meat under O2 atmosphere
  • Compact design, same overall length as the U5 series (series is not extended by an additional separation)
  • New highly efficient 3-stage oil separation with minimum footprint
  • Plus the same advantages as the other models of the U5 series

Booster Packages

  • Direct replacement for your current booster
  • Integrated bypass valve for greater reliability
  • Stainless Steel frame available
  • Combine multiple booster packages for central systems

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