Vacuum Pumps for Maple Sugar Extraction

Becker Pumps offers three different technologies to choose from for your specific application.

Hook and Claw vacuum pumps to 28” Hg.

  • Oil-less and Touch-less
  • From 3,500 to 19,300 Taps

Oil-flooded Rotary Vane vacuum pumps to 29.9” Hg.

  • Includes oversized gas ballast to eliminate water vapor
  • From 620 to 43,000 Taps

Oil-less Rotary Vane vacuum pumps to 27” Hg.

  • Low maintenance, carbon vanes
  • From 1,400 to 17,000 Taps

Becker Pumps Features:

  • Rated for 100% use factor
  • Can be operated outdoors
  • Available in single or three phase

Is Water and Water Vapor Destroying Your Vacuum Pump?

Becker also offers complete Vacuum Systems to eliminate water and vapor problems

Maple Sugar Extraction Pump Specifications

Contact the factory or Customer Support now for help with selecting the best vacuum pumps to fulfill your requirements.



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