Vacuum Pumps for Woodworking CNC Routing Tables

becker pumps for the woodworking industry Vacuum PumpsBecker USA offers a complete line of vacuum solutions for the woodworking industry, including 100% oil-less, dry vacuum pumps, deep vacuum oil-flooded pumps, and our Advantage-W multi-vacuum pumps.

These solutions minimize maintenance requirements and offer the most efficient pumps and systems in the world.

Becker Pumps has more experience providing pumps for router vacuum hold-down applications for CNC tables than any other industry manufacturer. OEMs rely on Becker pumps because we understand what your needs are, and we respond with the appropriate solution.

If you’re an OEM, you have the advantage of knowing that a staff of experienced application engineers are available to work with you during the design stage to ensure that your equipment gets optimized for the most efficient vacuum use.

Custom Pump Solution Case Study

A major CNC Router Manufacturer approached Becker Pumps and asked us to create a custom solution that offered a quieter vacuum for several of their CNC router sizes. They also needed a short lead time on their orders. We met and exceeded this challenge with our oil-less, dry-running VTLF product line.

Click here to read the case study.

Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps

Becker Pumps has become the industry standard, and we offer an extensive range of router table pumps from 1 to 25 horsepower and multi-pump systems up to 75 horsepower. Our oil-free vacuum pumps are very low-maintenance and are incredibly reliable. When routine maintenance is required, all you need are a few tools, the removal of a few bolts, and an hour of labor.

Multi-Vacuum Pump Systems

Advantage-w Woodworking Vacuum PumpsBecker has a full line of central vacuum systems, called the Advantage-W, which we designed to specifically meet the router industry’s changing needs.  These systems work are ideal for spoil board applications, faster cutting speeds, and shorter changeover due to their flexibility.

You can operate the Advantage-W systems incrementally to match your production demand. This means that you run only the necessary pumps, thereby saving precious energy and reducing operating costs. Advantage-W systems are available in 4 Duplex and 2 Triplex models in a space-saving vertical arrangement, giving easy access to any part of the pump.

Each pump in the system includes its own built-in inlet filter connected to an integral manifold that eliminates unsightly piping arrangements and minimizes losses due to piping leaks. Becker also includes a standard central inlet filter for primary filtration.

Oil-Flooded Vacuum Pumps

Typically, you can use our oil-free vacuum pumps on both spoil board and point-to-point router tables. However, many point-to-point applications need a much deeper vacuum to hold down smaller pieces. Our oil-flooded pumps have an end vacuum of 29.9 inches Hg. for applications that require greater hold-down force.

Pump Sizing for CNC Router Tables

Generally speaking, when you want to match the right pump to the table size, you need 5.5 CFM per square foot of surface area for spoil board or nested base tables. Due to the small suction cups utilized by Pod and Rail tables, they require far less flow and typically use one size pump.


Table Size Square Feet CFM Becker Pump Becker Duplex System CFM
4’ x 8’ 32 176 VTLF 2.250 DS 250 W 352
5’ x 10’ 50 275 VTLF 2.400 DS 250 W 352
5’ x 12’ 60 330 VTLF 2.500 DS 250 W 352
5’ x 20’ 100 550 DS 500 W 706
Pod and Rail 12 66 KVT 3.100


(This sizing chart is for estimating purposes only, and you should consult a trained Becker Representative to match the correct pump to your specific table. All calculations are based on sea level applications.)

CNC Vacuum Pumps for Your Manufacturing Company

Becker Pumps manufactures a wide variety of high-quality, powerful vacuum pumps for the various machines used in woodworking shops.

With Becker pumps, you’ll receive the following benefits:

Becker Vacuum Pumps and Systems:

  • Greater hold downforce.
  • Maximum horsepower efficiency.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy and fast to service.

Exceptional Customer Service

  • Experienced technical support.
  • Knowledgeable inside sales and customer service.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • In-house vacuum pump repair service.
  • We offer only Becker Genuine Replacement Parts.
  • Large inventory.
  • Same-day shipping available.

At Becker Pumps, we understand that router breakdowns are costly due to lost production and maintenance downtime. Our pumps solve both of these problems—and that’s why more woodshops choose Becker!

Contact the factory or Customer Support now for help with selecting the best woodworking vacuum pumps to fulfill your requirements.


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